What are the specific knife laws in San Antonio Texas?


The question is pretty simple. I just want to know what is legal and illegal to carry/own in San Antonio Texas.

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  1. Mithaniel Marr says:

    Double edges are illegal to conceal. You can also not conceal a blade over 4 inches. You could walk down the street with a claymore strapped on your back as long as its visable. Hope that helps.

  2. glistam3 says:

    While Texas has pretty lenient laws on knives, San Antonio’s are a frankly kind of nuts.

    According to San Antonio law, you cannot carry any knife out in public if you are 16 years old or younger. (ARTICLE VI. Sec. 21-155)

    You also cannot carry any folding knife out in public that has a locking mechanism for keeping the blade open. Exceptions exist for being on your own property or business, engaging in sport activity, or using it for your job (ARTICLE I Sec. 21-17). OMG, write your city councilman! That’s a terribly worded law.

    You are of course subject to Texas state law as well.
    Switchblades and Butterfly knives are illegal in Texas. Funny when you consider it’s legal to own and carry a gun(s) if you have a permit.

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