Where exactly does the flooding occurs in San Antonio Texas?


Hi, i am planning to move to the city of San Antonio Texas, within a period of six months. I have done my research as far as where to buy a home and the nicest areas in San Antonio Texas. But as we all know, disasters happen everywhere. I need some feedback, as far as where the flooding takes place. And any recommendations or advices as to what to expect when moving to San Antonio.

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  1. techie_girl says:

    Keep an eye out for the high water markers, usually an indication that flooding has occurred in that area several times. Try to make sure that the property you buy is somewhat elevated. I did not have any flooding on the north side of town – by the airport.

  2. leelee says:

    The flooding happens because San Antonio lies on a bed of lime stone. The top soil is probably only about a foot and then you hit limestone. The limestone is also why we have such delicious water as it acts as a natural cleanser of the water that washes down toward the aquifer (the giant lake below the Hill country corridor that includes Austin and San Antonio). If you live near a creek or the river, expect occasional flooding. I live near a large park that is near a creek. Normally it is dry, but when it rains and we usually have a lot of rain at one time when it does finally rain, it floods and I have to find another way out of my neighborhood area to go to work and get the kids to school. I know the low lying areas and never attempt to cross those in a storm. Many people have died from stupidity, not the rain itself.

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